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Mobile App – Personal Paging Policies

This article will help you navigate to and edit the Personal Paging Policy feature on both iOS and Android systems. Within the VictorOps Mobile App, you are able to easily view and update your paging policies from iOS and Android devices!

Personal Paging Policies – iOS

In the VictorOps Mobile App, select the Users icon at the bottom of your iOS device’s screen. Then select your profile icon from the Users page.

From your user profile page, you may select the Paging Policies tab to view your current configuration. If you’d like to change your paging policy select Edit. Here you may delete, update, or add steps to your Primary Paging Policy and Custom Paging Policies from your iOS device.

Don’t forget to save your changes!

Personal Paging Policies – Android

As with iOS devices, editing and creating Primary Paging Policies and Custom Paging Policies in the VictorOps Mobile App is only a few clicks away. Once you’ve opened the app, please navigate to your profile icon and then to the Paging Policies tab.

Once you’ve accessed your Paging Policies, select Edit.

Select the step you’d like to Edit or Add Step.



Updated on September 10, 2019

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