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Site24x7 Integration Guide – VictorOps

Site 24×7 allows you to monitor websites remotely and receive instant email/sms alerts if your website becomes unavailable. This integration uses a Site 24×7 action with a custom parameter, and then the VictorOps Transmogrifier, and REST Endpoint. Since this integration requires use of the Transmogrifier it is only available with the Enterprise Feature Set.

In VictorOps

From the main web portal select Settings and then Transmogrifier. 

Select Add a Rule.

You are going to match on a Site 24×7 specific field called FAILED_LOCATIONS and you want to match on this if it contains ANY value so set the match rule to *.

You will then setup a number of transformations to adjust the payload of the alerts as it comes into the system. The transformations you will need to make are outlines here:

Set To new Value
entity_id ${{MONITORNAME}}
state_message New Site24x7 Alert: ${{INCIDENT_REASON}} for Monitor URL ${{MONITORURL}}
monitoring_tool Site24x7
entity_display_name ${{INCIDENT_REASON}} for ${{MONITORNAME}}

The end result will look like so:


The last step in VictorOps is to retrieve your REST endpoint URL. To do so go to Settings then Alert Behavior then Integrations.

Under “Incoming Alerts” select REST Endpoint then copy the URL to your clipboard.

In Site 24×7

From the main web portal select Admin then Configuration Profile then Actions and add a new action. 


Give the “Action” a name and then paste in your VictorOps REST Endpoint URL into the URL box. Make sure you check the boxes for both Send Incident Parameters and Send Custom Parameters. In the custom parameters field paste in the following:


NOTE: If you want to have an action sent into VictorOps when sites come up, create a second Action and set the message_type=RECOVERY

Next, check Post as JSON (not Authentication is needed) and click save.

Finally select any monitor you want to send alerts into VictorOps and under Configuration Profiles add the VictorOps action and set it to Execute on Down.


Note: If you created an action to be sent to VictorOps to clear out incidents when sites come up, add that second action here and set it to Execute on Up. 

That’s it! Now anytime a site goes down in Site 24×7 a message will be sent to the VictorOps Timeline.



Updated on November 14, 2017

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