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Librato Integration Guide – VictorOps

Librato provides a complete solution for monitoring and understanding the metrics that impact your business at all levels of the stack.

The VictorOps integration with Librato allows you to send all Librato alerts into the VictorOps timeline so that the right people are paged. The following instructions go through how to quickly implement this integration.

Configuration Steps


  1. In Librato, first go to “Account Settings”.librato1
  2. Select “Services” in the left side bar, and then select VictorOps.librato2
  3. From VictorOps go to “Settings”, then “Integrations”.librato3
  4. Select the Librato integration and then “Enable Integration”. Your API key for Librato will be generated.librato4
  5. At the bottom of the integration page you can define the routing key you want to use for your Librato alerts.librato5
  6. In Librato, Configure the new VictorOps service by giving it a title, then enter your VictorOps API (step 4) and Routing key (step 5) .librato6
  7. Hit “create service” and you are done!
Updated on February 10, 2017

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