User Roles

This article will provide the differences between Users and Admins within the platform, and the permissions that they have.

The main difference being that admins have permissions to modify many, if not all, of the settings and configurations available. While users have more of a “read-only” permission level. Please see a list below broken down by location within the web UI.

User Permissions

FeatureAdminTeam AdminUser
View user profile

Modify user profile

View list of users and admins

View Teams

View users within a team

View Rotations and shifts

View Escalation Polices

Create scheduled overrides for themselves

Create scheduled overrides for someone on their team

Delete scheduled overrides for themselves

Delete scheduled overrides for users not themselves

Take a scheduled override from another user

View list of Integrations

View enabled Integrations

View created/assigned route keys

View settings within "Configure Incidents"

View Transmogrifier rules
(Enterprise Offering)

Filter the Main Timeline

Alter the view within the Incidents Pane

Alter the view within the People Pane

@ mention users and @@ mention teams

Send private chats

Acknowledge an incident

Resolve an incident

Re-route an incident

Create a manual incident

Start a control call

Invite users to join a control call

End a control call

Run Post Mortems Reports

Run Incident Metrics Reports

Run Organization MTTA/MTTR Reports

Run Incident Trends Reports

Run Incident Frequency Reports
(Enterprise Offering)

Run User Metrics Reports
(Enterprise Offering)

Start Maintenance Mode

End Maintenance Mode

Create/Modify new Teams

Create/Modify rotations

Add/remove users from a Team

Create/Modify Shifts

Create/Modify Escalation Policies

Enable/Revoke API Keys

Enable/Revoke Integrations

Add users from the Users tab

Remove users from the Users tab

Modify global settings within "Configure Incidents"

Create, assign, and delete route keys

Create, modify, disable, and delete Tramsogrifier Rules
(Enterprise Offering)

Create, modify, disable, and delete Outgoing Webhooks
(Enterprise Offering)

View/modify the Billing Tab

How to Change User Roles

Admins have permissions to change a user’s role. Within the VictorOps web UI, click on Settings in the top left hand corner of the screen.

From Settings, click on the Users tab.

Within the Users tab, click on the hamburger icon next to the specific User, whose permissions need to be changed, then click Edit.

Within the User’s profile locate Role, and select Admin or User from the drop down list.


Updated on August 14, 2017

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