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How to set up Team Admins

The Team Admin permission set is an Enterprise level feature and can be assigned to VictorOps users on a per team basis. A User may be promoted to a Team Admin role from the Users list within a team. Once promoted to Team Admin, that User has permissions to manage all aspects of that team.

Getting Started

To get started, an Org Admin will need to create the first Team Admin on a team. To do this, navigate to the Users tab within a specific team. Use the drop-down menu on the left-hand side to promote a User from the available list to a Team Admin. This user now has Team Admin permissions and will be able to manage all scheduling aspects for this team, as well as Transmogrifier Rules, Routing Keys, and Integrations. Team Admins can also promote other users to Team Admins. That team is now completely self-sufficient.

If you need to demote a Team Admin back to a User role, use the same drop-down menu next to their name in the Team Admins section of the Users page. Once removed from the Team Admin role, that user will reappear under the Users section.

We recommend you designate at least one Team Admin per team. This lightens the administrative tasks of Org Admins.

Converting Org Admins to Team Admins

If you need to convert an Org Admin in your account to a Team Admin, the following steps are required:

1. Navigate to the Personal Profile for that person and change their Admin role to User.

2. Navigate to the Team where this User will be promoted to Team Admin.
Note: This user will need to be a member of that team to be promoted to Team Admin. Use the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the Team User page to promote that User to a Team Admin:

Team Belongingness

You’ll notice the User list within a Team is divided into Team Admin and Users. Members of the team fall into one of these two categories.

Org Admins

If an Org Admin is a member of a team, they’ll appear under the Team Admin section in the Users List.
Note: Their permissions remain an Org Admin, but when they belong to a team, this is where their name will appear. You can’t demote an Org Admin back to a User using the drop-down menu option Remove Team Admin.

User Management

Adding Users to Orgs

Team Admins have the ability to add users to an org because we recognize the importance of being able to onboard new team members into VictorOps.
Note: They can’t remove users from an Org.

Adding Users to Teams

Team Admins have permission to add and remove users on their teams.

Team Management

Rotations & Escalation Policies

Team Admins have permissions to create, modify, and delete rotations and escalation policies for their teams. Please reference these articles for help performing these actions:

VictorOps Knowledge Base: Rotations

VictorOps Knowledge Base: Escalation Policies

Team Creation

Team Admin

If a user is a Team Admin for at least one team, they have the ability to create new teams. When they create a new team, they’re automatically designated as a Team Admin for that team.

Org Admin

If an Org Admin creates a new team, they’re automatically added to that team. Now, the Users list in a Team is divided into Team Admins and Users, so the Org Admin will appear under the Team Admin section.

Scheduled Overrides


Team Admins can manage Scheduled Overrides for members of their team(s). They can create overrides for all users on their teams. They can’t delete overrides for anyone except themselves.


Team Admins can only assign members of their teams to cover escalation policies that fall within their teams. If an override contains coverage requests for escalation policies outside of that Team Admin’s teams, the Team Admin won’t have access to assign a user to cover it. They can still cover the request themselves. The image below demonstrates this.

Team Admins can reset coverage for escalation policies  in teams they’re Team Admins for or for any override they personally take.

Alert Behavior

The actions described below are Global. They are not scoped to a team. Team Admins have permissions to:

  • Create, modify, delete route keys—they can also update the default escalation policy for the Org
  • Enable/disable integrations
  • Create, modify, delete Transmogrifier Rules

Note: Team Admins don’t have access to the VictorOps API.

Email Updates

Team Admins will receive a daily email updating them on uncovered scheduled overrides starting within a week. Once the override has been covered it’ll no longer show in the email. If there are multiple Team Admins on a team, all of the Team Admins will receive the same email.


Team Admins don’t have access to billing within VictorOps. Org Admin is the only role with this access.

Updated on October 19, 2018

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