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Post-Mortem Reports

Post-mortem reports from VictorOps allow you to take a snapshot of an incident so that the next time a similar situation arises, you have a documented account of how you solved the problem. Below is a brief description on how to create a post-mortem report in VictorOps.

  1. To create a post-mortem report, go to settings in the web app at https://portal.victorops.com/, select Reports in the upper right hand corner and then New Report.post-mortem1
  2. Give the report a title and choose the range of time when the incident occurred.post-mortem2
  3. If you want to give the report an overall description, you can add a “Report Write-Up” by selecting the link under the report range.post-mortem3
  4. Once the Report range is defined, all timeline events that occurred during that period will populate in the report builder. You can remove any alert, action, or post by selecting the ‘-‘ button on the right side of the report builder.post-mortem4
  5. Additionally, you can add notes to any alert, action, or post by hitting the plus on the right side of the report builder.post-mortem5
  6. Once you have made comments and┬áremoved unnecessary items, hit “Save & View” at the bottom.post-mortem6
  7. Now that the report is created, you can print it in a printer-friendly format or edit it as necessary. Note: only the creator of the report can edit the report.
Updated on January 20, 2017

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