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Onboarding Milestones

Splunk On-Call is a powerful tool that allows teams to maintain a culture of high availability without slowing down the innovation process. We understand that the implementation of a new tool can be difficult so we have provided some key milestones to hit before going live with Splunk On-Call that will ensure your company is set up for success! 

Your Splunk On-Call Resources

Knowledge Base: The extensive Splunk On-Call Knowledge Base is always a good place to start if you are unsure how something works or are in need of some tips!

Contact Splunk On-Call Support: All users have the ability to reach out to Splunk On-Call support at any time with any questions!

1.  Live Chat: If you are logged into your Splunk On-Call instance, you will have the ability to Live Chat with the Splunk On-Call Support team.

2.  Splunk Support Portal: You can open a Splunk On-Call support case in the Splunk Support Portal:https://login.splunk.com/

3. Have a billing question? Reach out to your Account Manager and/or reach out to the billing team at vo_billing@splunk.com

If you are facing any issues when trying to contact us please have a look HERE!

Planning Milestones

  1. Create a rough draft of your desired Splunk On-Call workflow in a spreadsheet (ie. who are the overseers, what tools are most important, who are action takers, etc). 
  2. Set an Onboarding Timeline

User Milestones

  1. Invite Users
  2. Determine User Roles & Permissions
  3. Set Primary Paging Policies 
  4. Implement User Trainings

Team Milestones 

  1. Create Teams & Assign Team Admins
  2. Create On-Call Schedules
  3. Implementation of Team Workflow

Integration Milestones 

  1. Determine Necessary Integrations
  2. Create Splunk On-Call Routing Keys
  3. Configure Integrations 
  4. Test Integrations and Trigger Test Incidents

Go Live Milestones

  1. Ensure all Splunk On-Call users have completed their User Trainings
  2. Internal & External Resources made available 
    • Create internal documentation for Splunk On-Call (ie. internal wiki)
    • Familiarize all Splunk On-Call users with the Splunk On-Call resources
  3. Ready Set… GO LIVE!
Updated on December 7, 2021

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