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Onboarding Milestones

VictorOps is a powerful tool that allows teams to maintain a culture of high availability without slowing down the innovation process. We understand that the implementation of a new tool can be difficult so we have provided some key milestones to hit before going live with VictorOps that will ensure your company is set up for success! 

Your VictorOps Resources

Knowledge Base: The extensive VictorOps Knowledge Base is always a good place to start if you are unsure how something works or are in need of some tips!

Contact VictorOps Support: All users have the ability to reach out to VictorOps support at any time with any questions!

Planning Milestones

  1. Create a rough draft of your desired VictorOps workflow in a spreadsheet (ie. who are the overseers, what tools are most important, who are action takers, etc). 
  2. Set an Onboarding Timeline

User Milestones

  1. Invite Users
  2. Determine User Roles & Permissions
  3. Set Primary Paging Policies 
  4. Implement User Trainings

Team Milestones 

  1. Create Teams & Assign Team Admins
  2. Create On-Call Schedules
  3. Implementation of Team Workflow

Integration Milestones 

  1. Determine Necessary Integrations
  2. Create VictorOps Routing Keys
  3. Configure Integrations 
  4. Test Integrations and Trigger Test Incidents

Go Live Milestones

  1. Ensure all VictorOps users have completed their User Trainings
  2. Internal & External Resources made available 
  3. Ready Set… GO LIVE!
Updated on October 9, 2020

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