Enabling Ack-Back is an option for Nagios/Icinga (explained below) along with Zabbix. In the following article, Nagios and Icinga can be used interchangeably.

Ack-Back™ is an optional feature that informs your Nagios instance when someone acknowledges its alerts in VictorOps. Note that you must be using the Nagios plugin to enable this feature.

Ack-Back is implemented as a Nagios service called “VictorOps Command Poll”. It retrieves acknowledgement commands from VictorOps for executing locally to Nagios. Enabling Ack-Back is simply a matter of enabling active checks of the VictorOps Command Poll service.

Find the service definition in the victorops.cfg file:

define service
active_checks_enabled    0
use    VictorOps_Service
service_description    VictorOps Command Poll
check_command    check_victorops_cmds

Set the value of the active_checks_enabled setting to 1 and reload Nagios.

Note: in some cases GCI/Admin access for the VictorOps user is required for ack-back to function properly.

Updated on January 9, 2018

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