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Stackdriver Integration Guide – VictorOps

Stackdriver provides full-stack intelligent monitoring of infrastructure, system and apps running in Amazon Web Services and Rackspace cloud environments.

The following guide will walk you through the steps required to integrate Stackdriver with VictorOps.

In VictorOps

In VictorOps, select Settings >> Alert Behavior >> Integrations >> StackDriver.

If the integration has not yet been enabled, click the “Enable Integration” button to generate your endpoint URL as seen below.  Be sure to replace the “$routing_key” section with the actual routing key you intend to use. (To view or configure route keys in VictorOps, click Alert Behavior >> Route Keys)

In Stackdriver

Go to Settings >> Notifications then select the Webhooks option. Two input boxes will appear, one for the “Stackdriver endpoint” URL you copied from VictorOps (see first step) and then another for the name of the integration. Fill out these inputs, hit Add and you are done!


Setting Up Ack-Back

Using VictorOps’ Outbound Webhooks feature, you can update the Stackdriver alert to “acknowledged” whenever it is acknowledged in VictorOps. To implement go to Settings >> Alert Behavior >> Outbound Webhooks. 

The configuration for the Webhook should be as follows:

Event: Incident-Acknowledged

Method: PUT

Content_Type: application/json



* Make sure to add your API key for authentication. 


    "state": "acknowledged"

Hit save and you are done. The final result should look like so:


Now whenever you acknowledge an incident in VictorOps the associated alert in Stackdriver be moved to the acknowledged state.

If you have any questions please reach out to support.

Updated on June 8, 2017

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