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Catchpoint Integration Guide – VictorOps


Versions Supported: N/A (SaaS)

VictorOps Version Required: Starter, Growth, or Enterprise

What you need to know: If you would like to customize the alert payload, refer to this article for more information on formatting.

Catchpoint delivers world-class Web Performance Monitoring for all Internet services: Website, Mobile, App, Ads, API, DNS, CDN, Streaming, Cloud, & more.

The following will walk you through the steps needed to integrate Catchpoint with Splunk On-Call.

In Splunk On-Call

In VictorOps, select Integrations >> Catchpoint

If the integration has not yet been enabled, click the “Enable Integration” button to generate your endpoint URL as seen below.  Be sure to replace the “$routing_key” section with the actual routing key you intend to use. (To view or configure route keys in Splunk On-Call, click Settings>> Routing Keys)

In Catchpoint

1) Navigate to Settings >> API.

2) Under Alert Webhook set the status to Active, Paste in your “API URL” that you got in Splunk On-Call.

3) Select Template and then Add new

4) Give it a name (“VictorOps Integration” for example) and then set the Format to JSON

5) Paste the following code in the Template section:

   "monitoring_tool": "Catchpoint",
   "entity_display_name": "Catchpoint Alert for ${testName} on node ${nodeDetails(${nodeName})}",
   "entity_id": "${testId}_${AlertInitialTriggerDateUtcEpoch}",
   "state_message": "Alert Type ID-${alertTypeId}, Test Type ID-${testTypeId}, Node-${nodeDetails('${nodeName}')}, Product- ${productId}, Test_url-${testUrl}"

6) Select your newly created template, hit Save, and you’re done!

Also, if you’re looking for additional variables to add to your payload, please seek out the Alert Webhook Macros in the support section of the Catchpoint platform. Please note, you may add as many variables as you want, but customizing the parameters of the existing Template may result in degraded functionality.


Updated on February 23, 2021

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