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Puppet Tasks Integration Guide – VictorOps

About VictorOps and Puppet Tasks

The VictorOps and Puppet Tasks integration allows teams to identify and quickly take action around infrastructure incidents. Send alerts into VictorOps so teams can collaborate around the fix for the incident, then use Puppet Tasks to run actions that help resolve problems within your remote infrastructure. DevOps and IT teams can maintain a speedy software development and CI/CD pipeline while continuing to drive reliability with the VictorOps and Puppet Tasks integration.

Combine the visibility and collaboration of VictorOps with the capability to quickly automate and run commands with Puppet Tasks.

Alert, Collaborate, and Remediate Critical Incidents

  • Allow VictorOps to digest critical alerts from remote infrastructure, then leverage Puppet Tasks to initiate actions to remediate incidents
  • Centralize on-call incident management functionality–on-call scheduling, alert routing, and escalations–with actionable incident response and collaboration
  • Work cross-functionally to communicate about infrastructure errors and alerts
  • Automate alerting and on-call response workflows and run commands through remote infrastructure to efficiently resolve incidents and keep track of incident history


Versions Supported: Puppet Enterprise 2018.1.1+  or newer

VictorOps Subscription Required: Full-Stack

Local Machine: None

Enable Puppet Tasks in VictorOps

From the VictorOps web portal, select Settings >> Alert Behavior, >> Integrations. Find and select Puppet Tasks.

enable puppet tasks integration in victorops

Capture the API Key from the URL String:

capture puppet tasks api key

Configure Puppet Tasks in Splunk Enterprise

Navigate to Puppet Tasks for Actionable Alerts in Splunk Enterprise >> Configuration >> Add-on Setting  >> Input VictorOps Token

Configure puppet tasks in splunk enterprise

Create a VictorOps Incident

Within Splunk Enterprise, go to the Alerts Tab, set up a search for a critical event, and specify the type of notification you would like to pass to VictorOps. Configure the action using the following values:

  • Severity: CRITICAL
  • Host: $certname$

Trigger alert in VictorOps via puppet tasks

Upon triggering this alert, you should see a corresponding alert in your VictorOps timeline.

puppet tasks alert in victorops


Updated on May 10, 2019

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