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Instana Integration Guide – VictorOps


Required: Instana Implemented Environment

VictorOps Version Required: Starter, Growth, or Enterprise

Instana was built to monitor cloud, container, and microservice applications.

The VictorOps integration with Instana makes use of our REST API and requires that you’ve implemented Instana in your environment. The following is a brief walkthrough on how to enable and configure the integration.

In VictorOps

From the main timeline select Integrations. From the resulting lists of integrations, select Instana.

If the integration has not yet been enabled, click the “Enable Integration” button. Copy the resulting API key to your clipboard.

In Instana

Under Settings >> Team Settings >> Events and Alerts >> Alert Channels >> Add Alert Channel create a new alert channel for VictorOps alerts. Insert your previously copied api key into the API Key section. The routing key field will route the alert to a specific escalation policy in VictorOps. After entering and saving the information, you can test the connection with the blue “Test Channel” button. This will fire an “INFO” type alert to your VictorOps timeline.

Add this Alert Channel to an alerting configuration. It is possible to add a channel to multiple configurations and to alert several channels in a single configuration.

After creation your channel should look something like this:


Updated on October 10, 2019

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