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GitHub App Integration Guide – VictorOps

About VictorOps and GitHub

VictorOps’s delivery insights endpoint integration with GitHub ensures better visibility into development, delivery, and issues in production. You can simply send pull request information from GitHub repositories directly into the VictorOps timeline where your team can collaborate further. Leverage the power of GitHub data with the actionable alerting and collaborative features (i.e. Rules Engine, annotations, and chat) of VictorOps.

VictorOps, with the integrated respository information pulled from GitHub, improves collaboration when working through the full SDLC. Detailed context into production issues and better communication leads to continuous delivery and more effective incident management.

Improved Visibility and Collaboration Leads to Continuous Delivery

  • Delivery Insights functionality lets you more closely monitor the SDLC in real-time with GitHub repository data contextually displayed in the VictorOps timeline
  • Collaborate cross-functionally around software delivery, develop and resolve incidents quickly with a deep knowledge of recent changes in production, and communicate around contextual alerts
  • Work and communicate seamlessly through both VictorOps and GitHub to influence rapid development and incident remediation

The VictorOps / GitHub Application integration allows you to send important pull request information directly into the timeline from the repositories of your choice. The following is a quick guide showing how to install the integration.

Enable GitHub Integration in VictorOps

In VictorOps, click on Settings >> Alert Behavior >> Integrations 

Then you’ll want to find the Github Integration


find github integration and enable it

If the Delivery Insights endpoint integration has not been enabled, click the blue Enable button. Doing so will send you to the VictorOps application in GitHub.

Connecting VictorOps in GitHub

First you’ll want to sign-in.

sign in to github to find victorops

Next select Install.

select install victorops in github


Next, choose the repositories you want to integrate with then select Install.

choose repositories you want to integrate with in github

Confirm your password and the integration is complete.

confirm your password to complete victorops github integration


To adjust your application settings, such as the repository selection, select your user drop-down and then Settings in Github.


choose settings in github to adjust application settings


Next, select Application settings and on the VictorOps option select Configure.

select configure to customize application settings in github

Updated on August 14, 2019

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