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Auto-Resolve and Pop-Out-Of-Ack

Click on Settings >> Click on Alert Configuration. To pop out of ack, select “Acknowledged incidents will return to triggered after” and then a timeframe. To auto-resolve, click “Auto-resolve incidents after” and then select a timeframe.

Pop Out of Ack:

In the midst of a major fire-storm (or in the middle of the night) it is possible for incidents that have been acknowledged to be forgotten or ignored.  This feature allows admins to configure the amount of time an incident can sit in an acknowledged state before it is automatically re-triggered.

Simply check the box and select a time-frame and any incidents that have been acknowledged but unresolved for that time-frame will automatically be re-triggered.  The incident will return to a triggered (un’acked) state and start again at the beginning of the escalation policy for the team that received the incident initially.

Auto Resolve:

The Auto-Resolve function allows admins to automatically resolve any incidents that have been open longer than a configured time-frame.

Please note that both of these features are global settings, which means that they will be applied to ALL incidents.  

Updated on December 16, 2021

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