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Microsoft Azure OMS Integration Guide – VictorOps

Microsoft Azure OMS (Operations Management Suite) allows you to gain visibility and control across your hybrid cloud with simplified operations management and security. This integration allows you to make use of VictorOps incident management for all your Azure OMS alerts. The following will guide you through the integration.

In VictorOps

From the main timeline select Settings then Alert Behavior then Integrations.

Select the Microsoft Azure OMS integration option.

Click Enable Integration.

Copy the Service API Endpoint to your clipboard. Make sure to update the Routing Key.

In Azure OMS

From the main dashboard select Settings.


Select Alerts and then select pencil icon next to the alert you would like to edit and add the VictorOps endpoint to.


In the “Actions” section select the “Webhook” option to Yes. Paste in the “URL To Notify” you have copied to your clipboard into the box labeled “Webhook URL”.

Select the box that says Include custom JSON payload.

In the box paste the following JSON code block.

"entity_id":"#alertrulename is #AlertSeverity",
"state_message":"#AlertName is #AlertSeverity as a result of the query: #query",
"monitoring_tool":"Azure OMS",
"search query":"#searchquery",
"Query Execution End Time":"#QueryExecutionEndTime",
"Query Execution Start Time":"#QueryExecutionEndTime",
"Threshold Operator":"#ThresholdOperator",
"Threshold Value":"#ThresholdValue",
"Time Generated":"#TimeGenerated"

Next test the webhook, you should receive a message that says “Webhook sent successfully”.

Finally select Save. The end result should look like this:


If you have any questions, please contact VictorOps support.

Updated on January 5, 2018

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