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Control Call (Conference Calling)

Please be aware, the account level Control Call feature is being deprecated in favor of Incident-Specific Conference Bridges. The control call feature is only available when signed up with an Enterprise plan.

Setting Up a Conference Call:

From the VictorOps web-UI, locate and click the small phone symbol at the top of the incident pane (far right):


In the Android app, navigate to the People Pane and tap the phone icon in the top right corner:

Next, configure the conference call name and starting members to be called. From the participants page, you can filter users by on-call, currently engaged and team members.

Once the call is created, a colored bar will appear at the bottom of the page indicating a call is in progress. From here, tapping view will bring up a modal to join the call either by one touch (join now) on the current device, or a dial in number with an access code to join from another phone.



From the mobile application, swipe left to reach the people pane, locate and tap the phone symbol at the top:
Next, give the call a descriptive name and invite any and all users who need to be involved.

There will now be a banner visible in the timeline indicating that there is a control call in progress. Tapping View will prompt the following pane giving instructions on how to either join with one tap or to dial-in using the provided access code.


From the web portal, click the phone icon in the upper right corner of the incident pane to prompt the control call menu.

This will prompt the following modal which is used to configure the call. First, give the call a descriptive name which will be used in the timeline and in the notifications sent to invited users. Invite users to the call either by typing out their names or by clicking their respective tiles in the people pane on the left hand side of the page. Finally click Start Control Call.


Once the call is in progress the call can be viewed and joined via the top banner by clicking Join Now. From this screen you can dial the number listed and gain entry using the access code.

Joining a Conference Call

Once the call has been established, any users you included will receive a push notification to their device indicating that a control call has been initiated and they are invited to join.

Both the mobile app and the webUI will now display an orange banner at the top of the screen indicating that a conference call is in progress.

Mobile Phone Providers

For a user that has the mobile provider of either T-Mobile or MetroPCS and goes to enter into a Control Call, they will hear an auto-mated message from the provider informing them that they will be charged 1¢ / minute. This is due to T-Mobile and MetroPCS having recently changed their nation-wide calling plans to start charging their customer to dial most free conference calling phone numbers, including some of the US dial-in numbers we provide in this Conference Call feature. According to the T-Mobile FAQ page: “T-Mobile has implemented a $.01 charge per minute for calls to out-of-plan numbers. This charge affects calls to a limited number of services like chat lines, conference calls, and radio broadcast lines.” If you do have any further questions on the message you hear, we strongly recommend to reach out to your provider and a open a ticket with them, since this is unfortunately not originating on our end.

Users Outside of the United States

Clicking on “Join Call” will automatically open your native phone app and begin the call.  However, since the service provider for the conference bridge is based in the United States, the bridge number will always be a local U.S. phone number.  This means that users outside of the United States who join the call this way may incur international calling charges.

If you are located in one of the following countries, you can use the following dial-in number in place of the number provided (The access code will be the same):

Netherlands –            31635240088
France –                  33180140685
United Kingdom –  443309981224
Deutschland –        4920988294449

Outside of these countries, you can also avoid international calling charges by downloading and installing the Free Conference Call International app on your mobile device. This method requires that you have internet access (either via Wifi or through your mobile service provider)

Once installed, follow the instructions below to join a call:

1. Open the app and click the “Edit” button:

2. Click “Add guest access”

3. Fill in the description (with anything), add the dial in phone number and access code provided by VictorOps, add your name, and click “Save”.

4. Back in the main screen, tap the guest access user you just created, then tap “Start Call”.  When the option screen appears, select “Call Using Internet”.

This allows you to join VictorOps conference calls using VoIP instead of your own personal mobile number, thus avoiding any international calling charges.  Whenever there is a new call with a different phone number and access code, you can simply edit this same user with the new details.

Updated on January 24, 2020

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