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API Calls in VictorOps

Follow these steps to configure API calls within your VictorOps account. To see all available API calls and configuration steps please visit the API Documentation page.

The VictorOps API will allow users to take the custom actions they want and gather the information they need. The following article will walk you through what it takes to get started with the API and outline some of the limits currently in place.

API Configuration in VictorOps

To access the API, navigate to Integrations >> API. From here you can retrieve your API ID and create API Keys. Your API calls will be tallied on this page as well.

Note: Only VictorOps admin users can create API Keys.

API Usage and Limits

  • All packages (Starter, Growth and Enterprise) have unlimited API calls.
  • There is a limit of 5 API keys per VictorOps organization.
  • Each individual call is rate limited. For specific details please contact support.

Interactive API Documentation

The documentation for the VictorOps API allows you to try out the different calls in real time. To get started select Read the API Documentation link on the API settings page.

This will bring you to the VictorOps API documentation. All available API calls are listed here.

Additional Endpoint Requests

If there is an API endpoint you would like to see added HERE please let us know! This is a growing document and we want your input. Please reach out to victorops-support@splunk.com with any additional requests.

Updated on September 25, 2019

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